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22 Jan

Some say the bathroom is a sacred place for repose; a sanctuary to ease your mind, escape and refresh your day trodden soul. That is if no no one has taken a crap before you decided to "find your center" while the funk of excrement mingles with your incense as you stretch and focus on your breathing.  I don't have such a fixation on my throne room. 

However, I  was notified recently that the toilet I had installed over ten years ago is no longer being made. And the toilet seat I wish to replace is actually quite rare now, and I am on a waiting list of one hundred and sixty three people to get this particular toilet seat.  Unfortunately this hasn't raised the value of my old toilet seat. I saw a designer ad recently... "How to make a room so comfortable, you don't want to leave".

I don't know...  after you're done with your business, it's kind of like wanting to get out of a boring conversation with someone who has bad breath;  You just want to flush the BS you took in and get outta there.

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