I have no boat

27 Mar

Warm water fell, cascading beads covering me. A heated floor, in a tiled paradise. The solitude made my spirit open and soon I was confronted with the legacy of my failures. Bad judgments, mistakes some call them. Mourning the loss of alternate choices, my conscience assaulted me. At least my body would be clean.

Then in a moment, with out prelude, I was on a body of water. I don't recall a boat keeping me buoyant. I saw a man on the shore. He was cooking. I knew who he was. "I have failed you!", I called to him from a small distance out. "Come and eat", he replied. 

I stood out a small distance from him, I had no boat. I moved closer, "come sit with me", he said. He cooked... I sat. Through the smoke of the fire he looked into me. He didn't look through me. He wasn't perplexed. "This is not about your failures" he said, giving me one of the fish he cooked. "This is about following me, despite your failures." I hadn't eaten this good in a long while.

Again, I was on the water. I have no boat, I kept thinking. I looked back to the shore, he was gone. The water biting at my legs, my strides unsteady. "I have no boat!", I said aloud to myself. I saw him a small distance in front of me. Walking away from shore, further out on the water, the waves biting at his legs. "We're,  on the water!"  I followed.

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