Fake Life?

25 Feb

Fake Life?

The community of music lovers came together to help me celebrate my one year anniversary of performing on the grid in Second Life (SL) last night, and I couldn't be more grateful or moved by the turn out. As I was looking at the images that were posted on my FB this morning it reminded me of a conversation I had a few weeks ago.

Recently a friend invited me to a concert / b-day party (held outside the venue of SL). I said I couldn't make it because of my show on the 24th. His reply to me was, “You’re going to pass up my real life concert for a fake life concert?” It was a jarring question, because it is the first time I was confronted with weighing the importance of this community to a “real life” community. And the only difference between the two, is the milieu community takes place in.

This being entertainment, it does fall in the category of discretionary time. However, whether it’s a person spending time in front of the computer attending a show as Bob or Jane avatar in a virtual world or being entertained at a show in a brick and mortar venue, I am a real person entertaining real people.

For those arguing Second life is not real life, may I remind you that if you don’t eat you die. Then where would your Bob or Suzie avatar be? Dormant on a hard drive in a server in San Francisco at Linden Labs, 945 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111… Not to put too fine a point on it.

So, next time someone questions your choice of venue for entertainment, remind them that their favorite entertainer is hiding behind the veneer of an image, constructed by a real person, to entertain real people. Whether you choose a virtual world, the movies, a game or TV to take a break from your work a day life, it’s entertainment folks. And you have to have a pulse to enjoy it. Hardly a “Fake life”.

Thanks again everyone!

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